Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Years Resolutions

Kirin Beer in Hiroshima
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I've not been a very active blogger lately, and when I have the content hasn't been very hearty. I know... I know. Just "check out this videogame picture" etc...
Thanksgiving, christmas, new years, all come and gone! Now we start the hard part of the festiveless, cold brutal winter. I hate the months January, February, and March. They are total shit, and even though my birthday is in february, so is valentines day and I dread it. So let the blogging begin! Let's steel ourselves, readers (mom)!
* note to kurt, you also read my blog! And I haven't replied to your kind message. Long time no talk, eh? I will. Just a sec.
Mikey is coming to visit me at the beginning of april when I finish my contract, and we're gonna go on a rock star tour of japan then head back. Then I'll be home. For reals. I never give anyone a definitive answer as to what I'm doing, cause I don't REALLY know, ("you're leaving april dan?!?" "nah, i'm sure i'll still be here..") I dunno, I'm loyal. Or cowardly. Can't tell. But, I need to be home, I need to have a normal life with friends, be able to buy soda and play dungeons and dragons, have people to play games with. Games in ENGLISH. stuff like that.

What's your new years resolution? I've decided it's time to get my tattoo. I've wanted one for... 7 years? I WAS waiting until i turned 18, when I'd get one, but it never came. So, I've sat on it long enough and need to get one while still in japan. I always figured "when i see it, i'll know it" like... true love or something? I learned to give up on the "true love" finding you, so I don't know why I still desperately clutched that "the true tattoo design" concept with such desperation. So it's been my art project for the last month or so, and will be the direction we take with this post. I'm super excited about it now that I am taking art more and more seriously.
First of all, I've decided to get a kirin. You can read about them here.
or this crazy tattoo guy's page
it's also a good memento of hiroshima (main picture of this post). They're the spawn of a phoenix and dragon i believe? Anyways, if I were to have gotten a tattoo, without coming to japan, it probably would have been a dragon anyways, so it's perfect. And after drawing dozens of these buggers over the past month or two it's really grown on me.

Here are some of the pics I've done...

I have done a LOT more than that, but it's come down to the first and last one basically. I've worked out the colors pretty well, the bulk dark part will be super dark brown, with light brown for the "shading" and the light yellow and purple highlights.
I really like the design where there's two of them, (there's a brief explanation for that, too, if you check it on flickr.) but it would have to be huge, and i don't want it that big. And, yes, the ”キリン” will be hidden in there. Or, not really "hidden", but in there anyways.

the clock's ticking, gimme some input if you have any?

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At 12:53 PM, Anonymous Fantasy said...

Man, where are you thinking of putting it danimal?

At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Janelle said...

I HATE tattoos. If you proceed, I hope you don't contract anything and my suggestion is to put it on your butt... then I won't be forced to look at it...EVER! Sorry... that wasn't what you wanted to hear.

At 9:42 AM, Blogger battlmnkey said...

hahhaha, mom, that's funny.

Dude, I didn't realize you were blogging again! Now I will keep reading. And I'll get the word out.

At 8:55 PM, Blogger Dan said...

on the arm! upper arm, like half visible with a t-shirt.


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