Friday, November 09, 2007

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This is an interesting article, and it's odd I ran into it today without looking for it.
here's a bit

"Culture is a huge factor in determining whether we look someone in the eye or the kisser to interpret facial expressions, according to a new study.

For instance, in Japan, people tend to look to the eyes for emotional cues, whereas Americans tend to look to the mouth, says researcher Masaki Yuki, a behavioral scientist at Hokkaido University in Japan. (...)

So when Yuki entered graduate school and began communicating with American scholars over e-mail, he was often confused by their use of emoticons such as smiley faces :) and sad faces, or :(

"It took some time before I finally understood that they were faces," he wrote in an e-mail. In Japan, emoticons tend to emphasize the eyes, such as the happy face (^_^) and the sad face (;_;). "After seeing the difference between American and Japanese emoticons, it dawned on me that the faces looked exactly like typical American and Japanese smiles," he said."

The third grade class at my elementary school is doing a little play in english, (an old folk tale "momotarou", if you care, about a boy born from a peach who fights demons) and I was helping them with their lines today. I was trying to teach them how to say "What is it?!? It's a huge peach!!" and the teacher kept telling them "Look at his eyes! Look at his eyes!" and it really threw me off. hah.

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I'm loving the new radiohead album (though I wouldn't pay 80 bones for it, hah!) and i got this picture cranked out. Looking for inspiration right now for something new... and stumbling across articles about smiley faces.


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