Monday, January 23, 2006

"From Letter to Hairy Dave" enjoy....

umeshu is japanese plum liquer. It's about 15% alcohol and very delicious. It's sweet, and although i hate sweet drinks it's not a SUGARY sweet. Shochu is basically japanese vodka. I've been working hard to figure this in america we buy sake, right, which is rice wine. But HERE there is no sake ~ sake is a term used to mean alcohol, not any specific drink. But i KNOW there is "sake tasting" and stuff. Very confusing, so what i've been able to peg down from some japanese is that "sake" (or, formally, o-sake) refers to all liquer, but what we call sake is we have nihonshu (sake to us) which is rice wine, and shochu. Shochu is either distilled from mugi (wheat) or imo (potato) and sits around 25-30% alcohol. There are other kinds, but those are the two prominent types. It is drank mixed, with water, or usually on the rocks (As i drink it)It' a preferred drink by lots of japanese, it's very pure, so there are no calories or hangovers from good imo shochu. BUT, it tastes VERY alcoholic! 25% is not much, but at first it almost tastes like you are drinking straight vodka. After about half the cup though you adapt and some of the ice melts and it's not harsh at all. Bizarre. So it's delicious with certain foods, and horrendous with others. It's delicate like that. I bought a bottle that i have at home, but it's awful. I can't even drink it and that's saying a lot. It tastes like everclear. So I need to find out what's good. It's hard since the bottles are all in kanji.


At 6:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

interesting about sake, we just had our cutty sark for the night. what a treat. Heloise

At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Cameranas said...

... on the topic of high percentage alcohols, there was a story on the History channel about Sam Adams brewing and apparently they brewed something called "Utopias" that is pure beer and was 24 ABV!!! Unfortunatly we can't get any, but it sounds dangerously wonderful.



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