Tuesday, January 24, 2006

peace memorial

So I went to the peace memorial museum the other day and took the tour. I took a few pictures and put them up, but there was a lot of things I couldn't really bring myself to photo. Photos of people, ragged bloody torn up school uniforms and the stories of kids who, with charred faces and limbs, managed to walk home to their parents' house before dying that day or the next, not knowing what happened to them. A sandal of this little girl was all that her mom could find of her, but she knew it was hers because of the homemade straps she made from her old kimono. The whole sandal is black except for a white area in the shape of a tiny foot. Things like that, and things like hair, and fingernails from victims.
Hiroshima was chosen because it had a military headquarters, although a large portion of the cities population were school children because it was one of the few cities with a higher education building. Also, because it hadn't been air bombed at all it was a good city to see the results of the bomb in ~
People's skin and hair dripped off of them like hot wax, and most died like that. When the black rain fell a half hour later, people drank it thirstily because they were so desperate from their burns, lying there in the august heat.

Well, i'll talk about the paper cranes later. Check out my pictures! and videos. I have a cool video of right when i came out of the peace memorial, at the park, but i don't have enough space to upload it yet. maybe the next time you check!

off to work. I got internet in my apartment.


At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Janelle said...

Glad that you finally have internet in your apt. It's hard to imagine what those people lived through after the bomb was dropped. It's interesting to see the photos of the memorial that you've posted and the beautiful city that Hiroshima is today.

At 10:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This made me so sad, i am 80 yrs old now and can't see where war settles anything. Sure leaves a lot of victums.As long as we humans are on the earth I guess there will be wars. Really enjoy your pictures. Heloise


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