Friday, February 16, 2007


I am about to smash this keyboard through the monitor. That:s right, they are seperate, because I:m at a desktop in an internet cafe. Went to Seattles Best as usual, internet wasn:t working (just as it doesnt in my house, or at both schools for no reason) so here I am at the internet cafe. Wanting badly to go buy an apple so I:ll have a computer that actually works like it:s supposed to. Typed up a blog, went to turn the volume up, and apparently the volume program is a reset switch, because it restarted the computer.
So, you don:t get to hear about my birthday unless I get in a better mood and decide to retype it. Blasted computer!!! Stupid technology!! I need to get back to the countryside I guess.

The kids, I really love them, but they are vermin. I am now surrounded by hundreds, not dozens of them and I:ve caught one of their nasty bugs. Then I had to go out for my birthday and drink my body into submission of it~
and as unlikely as it sounds, I am running in a race tomorrow with some teachers from work, and this week we had a couple training sessions. Hah. Anyways, I wasn:t feeling too bad until after that, when my lungs filled with the cold evening air, which felt like molten lead that i couldn:t cough up no matter how much i tried.
I:m trying to bolster my body:s immune system, give it a good cheer. Been sleeping like 10 hours a night (9:30 or 10 until 7), eating lotsa veggies and of course my daily nutritional school lunches. Alcohol? haven`t touched the stuff (cept for last night, when some old people dropped a few free glasses of shochu on me, which felt like 8 after i drank them)
anyways, feeling okay today except for my anger at microsoft, and my PC platform.
reading the Earthsea chronicles, which the new studio ghibli film is based off of. Pretty cool, realized more of what an unoriginal book Eregon is (i thought the true language concept in it was cool, but it was taken EXACTLY from this book, and I mean EXACTLY).
i`ve bought a Hammond A harp, and agolden melody C harp. Wow, I just noticed how much cheaper the golden melody was, it actually plays better (maybe because i have it broken in so much more). I swear they were more the same price here? Anyways. That:s about it for my life.


At 11:29 AM, Blogger maresa said...

bummer about the computer, and being sick.

Eragon is a ridiculously frustrating book. It's like, HELLO that's from this and that's from this and Jeesh didn't that happen in Star Wars!? But, I guess it *is* supposed to be a kids book... but that's no excuse.

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