Thursday, July 19, 2007

Soil & "PIMP" Sessions

Welcome to Soil & "PIMP" Sessions (case and character sensitive, there btw).
You might scoff the silly name, you might scoff their crazy style, but if you do you're a FOOL. If you like Jazz, lend your ears here.
this band's the freshest thing in the genre in the last 20 years. ( maybe an overstatement there, but prove me wrong if you can) Still shocked to see these cats in a blinging moving schoolbus, putting ghostriding the whip to shame, sporting afros and pimp costumes wailing such genuine jazzy jazz-felt jazz.. Or, maybe, who else COULD do it? Anyways, I, personally, love that ability the Japanese have to take our usually dumb genres and puke them back on our own silly faces, but with a lot more earnesty. Like, in their misunderstanding, something genuine was brought forth.
Get your grubby mitts on an album, preferably Pimp Master, or Pimp of the Year. They go under the genre Death Jazz, and I swear to christ they've got more heart and funk than a barrel of jimmy smith, besides some melodies that i'll take in lieu of even davis' Kind of Blue. Either way, I'm addicted to their energy. If you don't like jazz.... you should anyways. check out their other vids on youtube


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