Friday, January 11, 2008

i'm sorry about this~

there's some issues i don't agree with, and i hate to bring up politics (really hate) but i've become genuinely fascinated with this man. I'd heard his name and thought it kind of tabboo, but finally caved and watched some videos.
I would support obama, or clinton, or maybe edwards in office, but anyways, i think ron paul's changes are a bit more important. the video's a bit cheesy, the music cliche, but the quotes you read are genuinely backed by his records ever since he's held office, and most of these quotes are taken from the middle of debate, not prepared speeches.

Basically, the US foreign policy... living overseas, let me tell you, is a bitch. Everyone hates us. I'm young, and when I think of our country I've always feared the future. What?!? That's horrible! think about it. I have never met a non-american (besides japanese) and not gotten shit for my country. Never. I actually shrug when I meet people here, "yeah, i'm american (what can i say?)" it's the worst feeling ever, but if you don't do it you get attacked. i feel like abortion, immigration, and all of those issues that everyone debates over are just a candidate's way of getting you to vote against your own interests, and are just dividing our country. Basically, that sort of stuff we get so fired up about should be decided on a state level anyways, (ron paul has made me realize.)
well... watch it. I won't argue with you on anything, that's not really my field, but i think he needs some exposure that's been denied him by his own party. (scumbags)



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