Sunday, October 29, 2006


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had fun drinking with a couple of the fathers of my students sat. night. And, happy halloween!
So, I have all this week off-- i HAVE to get my future cemented for the next ... 17 months of my life. Here's why, and everything I'm kicking around

snwmanST: what are ur options
danimal519: well

danimal519: my friend owns a yatai in kure (kure is the town name, real close, and a yatai is like a little restaurant/bar on wheels that is set up daily)

danimal519: and he wants me to, and i want to, go work for him there

danimal519: but if i sign this contract starting in april, that means i'd only be there for about 2 months

danimal519: and april is when he's goign to start to get busy you know? I'd want to start teaching sometime in july or august maybe. I dunno.

danimal519: If i can even support myself for what little he's going to pay me

danimal519: So...

danimal519: when i start work at this company, i'm gonna need about 500,000 yen, or 5,000 dollars

danimal519: because i won't get paid untill 2 months after i start, and am going to have to throw money down on an apartment and everything

danimal519: so... then i'm going to have to crunch and see if i will have enough money to fly home for christmas/new years, then fly back, then be here for 2 or 3 months, and still be able to start there

danimal519: so... i would just think, sign the contract, and if things are going well in kure i won't start at the school

danimal519: but this company sounds pretty sweet, if i don't start in april i'd maybe want to some day in the future so i don't want to break contract with them


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