Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Catching up...

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Okay, I have been incognito for awhile, but just from the internet really. And my camera, which is a shame. I went to Tokyo, I have been worried about going because of the prices, the pressure to "do tokyo" and all of that, so i finally just caught a train and went. Now when people will eventually say "Japan huh? How was Tokyo?" I can have an answer.
Honestly, I can't completely understand the size of that city. You get on the train, and go from station to station and each one is like a completely different city-- Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, it is like some one team of people specifically designed each section to function as it's own stereotype. Difficult to explain, but they are all one, enormous, Tokyo.
I mentioned I've been away from my computer, but I have been keeping a real life journal ( or should I call it a diary?) for the first time in my life. I will call it a diary, because looking at it now there are things I definately won't post up here as I had planned.

My post in Japanese is unimportant, it says "it's been awhile, sorry. I've been busy with yukie lately-- going to kure, drinking beer, watching carp games, and other things I don't have time to write about." Something like that.

I have a few stories to tell. Of bathrooms, of painting, of traditional homes lined up narrow, treacherous, unplanned and winding stone steps, the hiroshima carp, the yatai, and of american television show addictions. And Superman.

Has to wait... again. Time is money, I wish I had more of both. I need to get a handle on the money I'm spending-- I have a really important 3 months ahead of me. I need to find a new job, find out WHERE it is, find an apartment there, find a plane ticket back to Japan, and most importantly find out how much money i am going to need to find all of this and then get it. Gah -- It's times like this I wish I was my father. I've been thinking about these things for a month, and haven't gotten anywhere, but I will and I will keep you updated.
I will be putting up my old journal entries soon. Sorry If they are quite personal, though I'll do my best to edit them out. Take care!


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