Wednesday, August 02, 2006


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毎日ブローグするよていです。ほんとだ。 今日の日本語のクラスに先生はおすすめしましたけど、むすかしいよ!
あの写真はえと島から。ゆきえのいっしょに行った。あの写真をおしたらゆきえの水着を見えますよ。 ;)

I'm going to blog every day. Seriously. (I'll try. ). This morning my japanese teacher recommended it, but it's so hard! (of course it'll always be in japanese, and maybe here i'll put a translation. So my blog will always be stupid like this one will be)
This week work sucks. It's stressing me out. It's always stressful, but now we have summer seminars so it's even more stressful. I hate it!
Today it rained so hard! (it flooded!)
That picture is from etojima, i went to the beach with yukie (and her friend, and her friend's daugher and dad, and her sister, and her sister's daughter. )
If you click that picture, you can see yukie (and unfortunately, me) in a swimsuit. ;)
Okay I'm off!
Dan sensei


At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Janelle said...

Nice photos! Sometimes I have a hard time with flickr to move from one pic to another and then to see the edits with the pics...probably an operator problem.

At 10:46 PM, Blogger Sir Purple said...

goodness gracious me I am most impressed by that chunk of Japanese you've got there. Can read some of it, but most of the kanji are a mystery to me.



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