Wednesday, July 18, 2007

BREAK! woo woo

I just finished my last class, and am hijacking the computer to let you all know. I don:t have to teach another class until sept 9th! September 9th... that leaves me, well, more time off than I even had between jobs. There are a few things I wanna get done when I am home:

1. borrow a library of gamecube games to play on my wii once i come back. (cory, cam, could you brush the dust off of some of those titles for me maybe?!?) there were a few great RPGs i missed out on, mainly thinking here of the LOTR game and more specifically Fire Emblem.

2. maybe i can squeeze in 4 hashes? doubtful but who knows.

3. ummm

I was sure there was more on that list, but I don`t necessarily like lists anyways. I should feel a little more liberated right now, but I still have a trillion things to do while I`m here in japan. worried about my re-entry permit, and though I shouldn`t stress it, it feels like I`m not done with work because I have a couple drinking parties to go to. What else?
Oh yeah, MONEY. that adds the edge to a few things, too.

Even though this is probably the easiest job I`ve had besides cashiering the pool... I need this vacation BAD. I`m getting as anti-social and depressed sometimes as before I started drinking alcohol, but am still drinking, so where does that leave me? I don`t feel like going to see my friends, I don`t feel like even leaving my apartment; for anything. I`ll have 2 classes, or none, and think it`s a pain in the ass.
Anyways, I need to come home, I hope I can handle it.


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