Tuesday, May 29, 2007

the amazing spiderman

the amazing spiderman
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So, I have these laminated cards i drew of famous characters everyone knows, like naruto and sasuke, goku and vegeta, pikachu and totoro. Well, one of them is Superman. A cool picture that i posted up on here awhile ago. I made them so when we play games kids can be team Goku, rather than team 1. Anyways, whenever they draw the superman card they're like "AAAAGhh!?!? Superman?!? " when, it should be the coolest one. So, with spiderman 3 out, i've really been trying to push his popularity lately. Here's some pictures.

While on the subject of dorkdom, I bought a Wii sunday. I've been looking for one for a couple months -- finally shun called up a neighboring places electronic store and they were like "we have 5, hurry up and come" we got right in the car, and 20 mins later when we got there i grabbed one of 3 left. Geez. I mean, sitting in the office at work, i was eavesdropping on the other teachers-- you know, 30 40, 50 year old women, and they were talking about the Nintendo Wii and DS. I am going to go on a japanese culture tangent here, since that reminds me of one.
So I was at Alice garden after skating with jerico, you know, 4 p.m. or so, and a band is getting fired up there. Jerico went off to play hackeysack with some marines that were there (?) and i was sitting on the steps and some girls said "hello" to me, you know, in english. So i started talking to them, and offered them a few cold ones. So we were there in the park drinking some beers, listening to music, and the conversation gets around to "how old are you?" and, they are all 18!! Christ, giving alcohol to minors, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the busiest part of town. But we're in Japan, where it would have never mattered -- this country is crazy.

back to games ~ I got elebits (Which i regret, shoulda gotten wario-ware) and some golf game. Golf on the wii is very satisfying, even though the game i got could be played with a normal controller, you swing just to gauge your swing, it's not too sensitive to the swing itself. Meaning your aim, spin, swing power, etc... are all controlled elsewhere. Still, the execution of those decisions using the wiimote thrilling. I can't imagine what can be done with a dedicated golf sim. It's a very japanese game, which i don't imagine hitting the foreign shores anytime soon; meaning right now my focus is leveling up my clubs, buying stat-modifying clothes (like my cowboy hat that gives +1 to control), finding potions, and gaining access to caddies with different magic abilies. My backswing and slice don't rank very high in the game's priorities.
Resident Evil 4 Wii edition comes out the day after tomorrow (thursday) and i am DYING to play it. Or maybe I will die playing it. I couldn't play that game drunk, because it was too frightening. (if you're not familiar with this game... go here
and watch some videos. )
That game had my heart racing so hard, back on the gamecube. I'm afraid of what it's going to be like in shun's dark cave-room, playing it projected on the entire wall; panicked, and feebly waving my wiimote at an onslaught of hungry, angry zombies. Sweaty hands shaking, finger desperately pulling the well-placed trigger on the back of the remote, I am going to be in (some sort of twisted) heaven!!

My guitar, which i fixed again, is holding up. I put in freaking screws and bolts, and although it startles me awake in the night sometimes, thinking it some sort of frankenstein's monster, it sounds fine.

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At 8:31 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

What a great way to get the kids excited! Your art on the blackboard is great...as always! They must love it!
Buying a wii will keep you occupied this summer. You can't play your electric guitar, can you? (without an amplifier)
All the pictures of your students look so cute! Thanks for posting them.

At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Camo said...

Dude, I must admit I beat RE4 twice on gamecube, that game is amazing... Zelda Twilight Princess is freaking awesome Dan. Freaking Awesome. Dragon Ball Z is fun too... man, so much awesomeness. Paper Mario.... sigh, my heart is pounding out of my chest just thinking about it.


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