Wednesday, April 25, 2007

so it didn't take me long~~ 3rd day at judo and i already sprained my knee. Or, stressed the ligament, or something like that. whatever it is you do to it that prevents you from walking. Of course, it was totally my fault. I can't tell you how naturally awful i am at judo. I just don't get how to move my weight, and other people's around in the right way at the right time. Cant keep my feet and arms coordinated, i'm trying so hard to thinka bout it "okay when i spin my foot then i ahve to pull his arm then i have to move my other foot over then move the other foot over a little more..." rather than just doing it, cause i'm all nervous about it and trying to perfect it. It's stupid. I am remembering cameron's hamstring injuries, and am praying that doesn't happen to me, christ. But luckily no classes today, which is why i'm sitting here typing up a blog-- i wrapped my leg with a hankerchief last night, and hobbled to work where the shcool nurse fixed me up with some wrap and cool pack stuff. Got 4 classes tomorrow, then a 3 day weekend. hopefully by monday i'll be walking.

The other night I was sleeping, and was startled awake at 3:30 to this thunderous BWAAAAANG!!! It was awful, i swear to christ my heart almost tore itself out of my chest, it was SO loud in the dead of night. It was the head of my acoustic guitar finally giving and just snapping off. It was like the sound that it makes when bugs bunny breaks a guitar over elmer fudd's head. It just freakin...broke. sitting there.

Then it's starting to get warm, so i was going to start airing my futon, and there's already mold on the bottom. So.... that sucks.

my futon, knee, and guitar are all broken. luckily i fixed my computer *knock on wood*

I seriously have nothing to do at work today~~ i finished the board game i was making yesterday. I'd just play with kids and and stuff, but with the knee i'm stuck sitting at my desk trying to look busy but not knowing how. Which is awesome, but.... what on earth am i going to do?

your truly


At 6:59 PM, Anonymous Janelle said...

Too bad, Dan... You and Suzanne both have messed up knees! Just keep off it as much as you can and keep it elevated whenever you can. Best to have it at heart level or higher.
Wish you were home so I could take care of you... oops, forgot. I'm not home. I'm in Salt Lake City!! ha ha

At 7:05 PM, Blogger Maresa said...

Maybe it's that time in your life when you should be practicing handstands.


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