Monday, April 23, 2007

Spring Fever

A happy family
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It's good times again -- for someone who stays indoors 23 hours a day, i'm freakishly connected with the weather.

I'm speaking of winter, and how much I hate it. It's hard to stay in good spirits when you're alone in the cold, you know? Maybe it's just that loitering is something that comes very natural to me, and walkign around killing time, or sitting at park playing videogames or harmonica, is so great in warm weather and so awful in cold. Also, Kumano has just gotten a hell of a lot prettier since it turned green, it's unbelievable. I can't even listen to happy music in cold weather, i spend all winter listening to emo and bumming myself out, i just can't help it. Or I'm too spoiled to fend off uncomforts without great effort. Long story short, went to my first carp game!!
they lost.
Which lost us a bit of money on beer at Marumiya afterwards. When the carp win, they have 71 yen beers (opposed to 500). Brilliant way to build up a loyal fanbase huh?!?

What else has gone on? I went to another hanami the week before that, here in kumano, which may have been one of my most pleasurable days in japan so far~ Here's some pics.

Met this guy there who is a judo teacher, and he says "you should learn judo", probably half or more in jest, but i spoke in my last post of never rejeting invitations, so now I am taking Judo class. And, god, i am sickeningly weak. Most of you know that, but not the full extent of it. I don't feel like I'd ever have a chance at being good at this sport unless i put on 30 pounds(which i don't want) or shrunk town (center of gravity yeah), but it's cool because i don't have to punch or kick anyone, and i come home sore in muscles i didn't know existed. Lots of elementary school students.... which is....wierd....

Well, speaking of not refusing invitations, I played in a dodgeball tournament in yamaguchi prefecture sunday. The winner of the dodgeball tournament won "delicious meat". Which made more sense when we had a BBQ afterwards,

but, it was still a pretty freakin wierd day. I felt even cooler, if possible, when we get there after an hour of driving and i know one of the hot chicks playing.

I want to thank cam, dave and matt and mikey dikey for filming me those clips.You might have been mocking me about the blogging thing, but I'll take it to heart. I always thought mat looked pretty sweet with longer hair and a beard, but he always childishly insists on cutting his hair. Don't even think about it dude. Also, kinda cory was in the video, though you could just see his hand swatting the camera then hear a drawling "I know you know i know i don't give a f**!" hahahaha

One last note. I was about 5 days late hearing about the virginia thing, but to make it up to the karmic wheel I will see Spiderman3 four days before the rest of america. Wait, 5 if you count the fact I also live a day in your future.


At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Janelle said...

Nice blog, Dan! So good to hear from you. Those Japanese girls are all so cute! Glad you are happy and that the weather is getting brighter!

At 8:49 PM, Anonymous Camopilos said...

danimal, danimal, radioactive danimal...

He gets with girls... of any size...

catches herpies from their thighs...

watch out... here comes the danimal!!

At 8:50 PM, Anonymous cam part 2 said...



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