Monday, January 28, 2008

So the music teacher at school gave me one of the recorders today, an alto. I'm pumped to play it, though recorders aren't quite the coolest instruments ever. I've been youtubing them, and here is my inspiration.

I reckon if i could lay it on like this guy, I could totally swoon the babes. Especially with my long hair, I could get a sort of kenny-g thing going on?

man... I wasn't the coolest kid in the dorms, but at least I wasn't videotaping myself playing celine dion on the recorder. Wonder who this guy's poor roommate is.

It's snowing like crazy here, and I'm torn between things to do. I have like 2 months of pictures to get up, so be on the lookout for those. I also have an art commission, and still need to get my portfolio together, and have also started reading barack obama's "the audacity of hope". But it's hard not to just turn on the x-box and run around with my redguard hitting monsters in the face with fireballs and my mace.
so, within the next day I will either a.) be rocking the flute b.) have a good portrait finished c.) have some good stories documented or d.) be archmage of the mage's guild.


At 11:31 PM, Anonymous Barahir said...

Oblivion should have a purchasable herald, who announces all your titles in order of importance to the populace on command.

I might need to get mine down on paper at some point ...


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