Monday, February 27, 2006

Miyajima and back again

So matt came back to 'Shima, we went out with budd, met that cutie there named yoko, then went to miyajima today. I need to blog about it in detail, but i'm sooo tired, and it's taken long enough getting all of the pictures and videos up!! My archives are packed with new material so you're just gonna have to check it. This trip to Miyajima was very new to me, we ropewayed up to the top and it was really incredible, the photos or videos don't capture what it was like just walking around in the sunlight looking down at the surrounding islands. For some reason Mat and I always end up doing really ... romantic type things together. But it's cool, we're grown men and can handle it.

A long time ago when I wrote about Shichimi, and said one thing spoiled the atmosphere i'd mention later, i forgot to mention that. It's that 101 dalmations was playing on the TV. or "hyaku ippiki wan-chan". It's apparently a popular movie here... I'm talkign about the live action version, folks.

Yoko is a major babe, and I got along well with her. There's a slight problem in the fact that she doesn't speak any English, though, and I'm not sure how fluent my Japanese is when I don't have a few in me.

Also, photobucket seems to be auto-resizin my photos smaller and smaller. I'm gonna have to switch to Flickr soon.... Leave me some feedback yeah?


At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Janelle said...

Those are great photos! Looks like maybe they farm for oysters when the tide goes out? That's my favorite picture.. the oyster farmers. Enjoyed the videos too! Looks like a fun trip!

At 1:05 PM, Anonymous Logan said...

Dan. Seriously you should flickr it up. I use it and I am in love with it.


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