Friday, February 01, 2008


today's penny arcade made me laugh so hard, out loud, that I almost rolled on the floor. Well, not quite, and i still hate the expression, but here you are~

I don't actually know what it would look like if a lightsaber cut through a chunk of red crystal embedded in a mound of onyx. If you were to simulate it, as long as things are mostly lining up I'm going to accept it and move on. Same goes for a set of plasteel blast doors crumpled by The Force. Actually, most materials can be simulated in such a way that the mind could carry the one and make it work, in science fiction especially. But when people move in ridiculous ways, all the hard work you put into the rest of that world is obliterated. If a crate hits another crate, that's fine. If a person tries to grab a crate, that is also fine. The trouble comes when people grab onto other people and pirouette off into infinity.


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