Tuesday, March 18, 2008

uh oh

so i looked at the top of my head with a couple mirrors, and my suspicions are true: i'm definately going bald. All around the top. It sucks because neither of my grandpas are bald, but i am hanging onto a few hopes:

1. I've been using shampoo from the dollar store for a year. I've discontinued as of today, and lets see if it stops or reverses.

2. Maybe I've been this thin for awhile and never noticed. From looking straight in the mirror i still can't tell. So maybe I've flatlined for awhile. This is suitable to me.

3. Maybe once my diet changes when i get back home, things will turn around. I definately get less protein here, but on the other hand my diet is overall more healthy i'd guess, so I don't like this option much, but we'll see how things pan out.

One thing is certain; if my future holds baldness, then I cannot pass up these few remaining years to liberate myself and the people around me by wearing long, badass rockstar, anime character, fantasy hero hair.

I've also decided that Kevin Costner, in "Dances with Wolves", is incredibly sweet. I think the civil war union uniform fashion is going to make a huge comeback somehow, they have tons of rad hats, and the cool sash with the sword and pistol tied over, cool jackets with total lord of the rings boots and gloves. (until he turns into a hippie at the end)

thanks for reading my 2nd most shallow post to date, and pray for my head.


At 7:18 PM, Blogger battlmnkey said...

Justin says that Rogain can work on bald spots/thinning hair to keep the hair you have. However, it won't help with receding hairlines...?


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