Saturday, February 16, 2008

Things to do& the "future"

I'm not used to being in this predicament ~ I mentioned in an earlier post how I look around my apartment and can't fathom how I'm going to get all of this home. It's worsening; before, I saw everything as just balls. You know, big, black, immovable cannonball looking things. Now there are chains attatched to my ankles. I've devoted today to cleaning. I dunno, it might help somehow.
Sorry, I'm not going to talk about sci-fi. So if all of my shit is a fat ball and chain around my ankles, the future has it's needy hands around my throat, pulling. I am trying, but not trying hard enough, to get a good portfolio together. There is this "concept artist" job at bioware i want, badly, to apply for, but basically I don't have a portfolio. I realized I have just barely learned to color. I mean, I've been drawing my whole life, but i really have nothing to show for it. So, now I have 2 pieces that i'm willing to submit. A measly TWO. It's hard to get this shit together when I don't even have a desk.
Anyways, here they are.

oata archmages
Originally uploaded by mrlovegrove.

Originally uploaded by mrlovegrove.

Now, I need to get some life drawings done, which is easy, and i need to show my ability to draw "architecture" and the evolution of a drawing from idea to finish, and nature together with structures, and my ability to draw in all genres (a.k.a. i've gotta draw some sci-fi. I'm working on sort of a steam-punk picture now.)
So the art thing, i love it, but i'm stressed because it's already been a month, and i'm not even close, and i know that job position will be gone soon.
Besides that, I'm leaving april 20th, but they're telling me i need to be out of my apartment march 31st. So... um.....
I need to get mikey's visit organized, and i can't afford to stay at hotels/ryokans/even internet cafes for a whole 17 days.
On the bright side, obama seems to be taking the lead. God, I wish I made more money. I spent like 40,000 yen last weekend on my birthday. (tattoo plus everything else) Although I usually don't leave my apartment, and just eat peanut butter sandwiches and ramen, I make such measly money, and japan is so expensive...agh.

P.S. notice i changed my banner、which had actually turned embarrassing a long time ago. I had the little "Aeon" logo up there, from when i made this page before i started work, about 2 1/2 years ago.. I was feeling so full of japan frenzy, excited to start work over here, but let me make clear I have hated that company for a full 2 years at least. Anyways, well over due. Enjoy.


At 12:35 AM, Anonymous Cam said...

Dan, West, myself, and Jo all agree that that Oata pic you did is by far and away professional looking and incredible. It always blows me away how refined it is compared to your stuff just a year ago, and how easily it would fit it with any WOC book, book cover, etc. It's really really awesome, the pirate cove pic is incredible too, you've done some freaking A+ work man.


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