Tuesday, March 04, 2008


his is a pretty negative post, but lets face it. She's polarizing.

I am so thoroughly disappointed and depressed about the primary results, or, specifically and unfairly, the residents of ohio and texas~ why didn't you all just vote for obama and get this over with?? I've been anxiously following these elections, and increasingly disgusted by the mud throwing that the clintons keep starting. "Lets smear the person who shows very obvious signs of being our party's nominee!! Quick, dig up/make up something negative sounding, because it'll help us in the short run!" Now a long, grueling, 7 weeks of it? Ugh...

Whether you like clinton, obama, or neither, I feel like we're living in a monarchy in civil war in this country. The halo "red vs. blue" thing hits a little too close to home. I'm only 25, and 20 years of that has been all bushes and clintons. potentially 8 more? Then maybe jeb bush will run?
Clinton avidly hates and wants to "battle" the republicans -- it's the epitome of why so many people hate politics, and therefore choose dis-interest. Maybe that's the goal here -- "if everyone hates us enough, they'll stop caring, then we can do whatever the hell we want." It seems to have worked the last 8 years?
Anyways, it didn't work for democrats in 2004, when they only way to rally behind john kerry was under the slogan "fuck bush". I mean, sorry if i couldn't take that seriously. The thing is, republicans hate the clintons enough that we will see the same slogans i think, except this time it'll probably work.

looking in my crystal ball here is what i see -- we have 7 weeks, and all policy has been debated, 20 times actually, so clinton gets especially nasty here on out. More fear spread, etc... and of course obama attacks back, while the republicans can continue to watch and take notes. After a crippled, extended, negative campaign, half the democratic party is angry with the outcome, most have stopped caring and don't vote, but definately don't campaign in november, and the winner has been discredited enough that mccain mops up. Ugh, i mean, why on earth would clinton run that "3 a.m." commercial, preparing to run against a man with like 50 years of war experience? Yeah, let's focus more on the idea of everyone on the globe trying to kill us, and running around invading more countries.

I'm sick of feeling this way about my country. I wish I could afford some whiskey.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger battlmnkey said...

She is so awful. I wish you could have heard the messages she left on my voice mail back in January. It make me SICK. "Are you tired of 230-something years of MEN in the white house?" How insulting is that. She thinks I'm stupid? I hate her and find her totally insulting, as a feminist. I'd like to see a woman run, but one who got there on her own accord and not her husband's (gag). And one that has experience in office, not as first lady. If I'm living with Justin, and he is an artist, does that mean I have all those years as experience to put on my resume as an artist? I think not. Does that mean that he can say he has experience being a mathematician? I think not.
Oh yeah, and a woman who stays with her man who cheats on her publicly is also a fabulous feminist.
Oh, and also, a woman who's a fighter/asshole/bitch/ice queen is insulting that that's the only way a woman can get ahead? Act like a man, but more so? Abandon all your humanity and become a power hungry super bitch? I hate the idea of that, and I am scared it is true in society today.

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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