Friday, June 09, 2006

Kame and Yuki

Kame and Yuki
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あ あ, also i realize i used the word "lax" twice in the last post. I know. Silly. Here's Kame and his girlfriend Yuki at the yukata festival. P.S. click the pic to go to my flickr page now. i went pro so soon everything will be there, and now i can make unlimited sets, and boy oh boy this is going to be swell!! P.P.S. work has gotten a lot worse since my last post this morning. The only thing keeping me from quitting is my laziness and humanity because although they apparently think i don't know what I'm doing and i'm totally irresponsible, they need me so so bad. God I hate _____.


At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Janelle said...

WOW! You put up lots of new pics. They are SOOOO good!


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