Friday, June 09, 2006

Ooooold pictures!

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Okay, working on getting all of my pictures up from when maresa was ere and we went to osaka and kyoto. Unfortunately, my flickr bandwidth ran out so i guess i need to go "pro". I'll also get pictures up from universal studios the weekend before last, follow up training and the kraziness after this weekend, and I believe I have some of mom and pops' visit.

No one is renewing at _____, and a huge ammount of people are quitting early. Work is seriously sucking SOO bad lately, we get busier and busier with no relent, how are you supposed to plan 34 lessons a week in 6 hours of scattered time?? Basically the answer is that all of my lessons suck really bad, and it's stressing me out. And everyone else.

That's enough about work~ I'm headed back to okayama this weekend for two of the trainers' going away party. There is a rock'n' roll party at alcoholiday tonight, and i'd like to go but the thought of another beer makes me want to cry. I'd like to make it out to kure, I met the cutest girl in the world from there, but now that was like 4 weeks ago so maybe it's getting to late to follow up on meeting up with her? I dunno.
Check my Vimeo page too! I've been lax with pictures, but doing okay with videos. I have a really touching video form yesterday of a group of school children singing to the children's memorial at the peace museum, a funny video of kevin kissing budd at his birthday party, and what else? Oh!! The yukata festival!! That was so great! I have some pictures up from it, too.

Soon kat leaves and her replacement (who has been pretty incognito) will show up. Lets cross our fingers.

Life's been wierd lately, I've been so busy but doing nothing, my japanese learning has been so lax! I need to kick myself into gear.
God I want to leave ____.


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