Friday, March 28, 2008

packing panic

3 p.m. Soon the sun will drop (Well, not TOO soon, but, you know. Soon enough.)
The more I deconstruct my apartment, the more complicated it becomes. Yesterday, I was pretty depressed about it-- not the complication, but the moving. You understand? You walk open a closet with all the stuff that marks you living here, and just shitcan everything. Toilet paper -- trash. detergent-- trash. cups, bowls, pans, pots --trash. razors, shaving cream, soap, -- trash. Then, by today, that became very liberating. Now I just CANNOT get rid of this last 5% of stuff, i don't know what the heck to do. I just want to burn it all or something. Plagued by a lot of loose ends right now, like books i can't fit, cases for my video games, CD cases.
someone save me!
a bundle of business shirts. I feel like I am obliged to keep them, you know, since i BOUGHT them, but.. i don't want them, and I've already thrown away plenty of stuff i still do kind of want. Yesterday was the worst for this, it's like some messed up psychiatric test -- "what does this person decide dictates his identity/future? uh oh... he kept his flask and 300 page 5 lb. video game manual, but threw away a .0001 ounce drawing of him done by a student? tsk tsk..."
Sorting through messages from kids, photos, every piee of paper or what have you from 2 1/2 years and having to decide "keep or trash?" cool stuff with japanese on it, but that's ultimately trash, you just become more and more efficient at feeding the dumpster, and that's where I'm at now. Just hoping for a fire to come through, because i don't even want ANY of this anymore!!
Well, I'd be mentally,(if also monetarily) relieved if the freakin post office was open today, but those lazy bastards are closed.
So, still got the weight on my shoulders. Just a little longer. When I can pack up this computer (the last thing) and toss it in my suitcase and mail the whole thing home (for like 300 bucks, definately)... then i will be a free man.

here's a couple vids that are keepin me chill~~ relish this guy's timeless coolness

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At 2:07 AM, Anonymous Fantasy said...

man, Jo and I totally watch Yo Gabba Gabba on Nick Jr. from time to time... and I remember being very very drunk and singing to that song... I think it was 820 house?? Maybe Bilge or Robbie's CD? haha


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