Monday, October 22, 2007


Everyone in kumano is burning like the leftovers of what they don't harvest of the rice or something, and this entire town smells strongly like weed. It's kinda relaxing, I wonder how long it'll keep up?

I've been drawing like crazy.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Irihama Beach

Irihama Beach (Miyajima) from lovegrove on Vimeo.

the hippie fest last weekend. put some flickr pics up too

keep on keepin' on

I'm in an odd flux. I've never felt less inspired to write a blog, which doesn't explain why i'm doing it now for the first time in months.
There's probably no one around who read my first blog back when i started it 2001/2002. It was a morbid thing, I was disappointed with a lot of things that turned out different than my expectations, and really didn't snap out of that year long depression until I decided to start drinking, and join the rest of society my age.
I went, from there, into about a 4 year "up" where I was never depressed, no matter how hungover I was, and now I am pretty sure I've regressed back into another anti-social sobriety. I need booze to keep myself social, but out here in this town, there is no one to meet in the first place, so no reason for me to leave my apartment. I mean, I don't even WANT to. I've read three books in a week, and tonight,(it's friday) I FORCED myself to get out the door, thinking "I'm going to go find a new place to grab a beer (non existent), get drunk, and be social)
I failed, I just rode my bike around for a little over an hour with headphones on.

It was nice though, it is getting cool and I got to wear pants. Reminds me of the last season, when i still had a lot of energy and enthusiasm. With the change in weather, I'm anticipating a turn around.

Still, when I go out to hiroshima, I usually meet up with friends, and have a lot of great adventures and drinks. Check my flickr page.
Also, you'll see some artwork up there, which has been completely enveloping me, especially for the last week or two. Finally have a good creative output for a lot of the things I've wanted to do for the last 3 years, as cam and I are creating a campaign setting.

Also, I went to an overnight music festival on miyajima last weekend. I remember at the time thinking it was probably the greatest nights I've had in japan, or therefore ever (I've had a lot of most excellent times here. Novel-worthy, other-worldly, floating spirit world time adventures) but somehow it didn't change my outlook, it just managed to stand contrast to where I am at instead.

Read a confederacy of dunces, Hiroshima, motorcycle diaries, and am thick into American psycho. Jesus, I'm realizing that book list is... well, good, but besides that you know...