Monday, March 13, 2006

okayama sluber parties

So I had training this weekend in Okayama on sunday. Everyone new to ____ from west japan did ~ Mat lives there so i hopped on the shinkansen after work and stayed sat. night there.


Then sunday we had training, then i went to izakaya and karaoke with the trainers and mat. First off, we all know that izakaya is great so there's not much more to say about that. We all got a big room at karaoke, and the minute we walked in we took out our drinks we stashed, jumped up on the couches, and just started wailing!! It was one of the best times ever! Then that night I slept at peter's apartment. Quick summary there but it does the job ~ the point is that having to work on my weekend should have sucked but it ended up being an awesome weekend!!!

Tomorrow I work. After work maresa will get here. Let the good times roll! I can't wait to experience someone's first reactions to this crazy country. I'm not joking when I say it seems like I get more confused the longer I stay here, it can really be so wierd that I have to stop something I'm doing, and just think to myself "what on earth is up with Japan??" I'm not sure I could ever figure it out, but I love it.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Let me start off by saying that isn't my sushi, unfortunately, I didn't eat it. Although Jessica did!! Wow. It's Japan's largest sushi, apparently. It's amazing.

But today I did have a wierd happening, I was going to get a haircut and heard a huge commotion. I jogged over just in time to catch these dozen or so girls in glimmery schoolgirl uniforms singing some j-pop. I even caught this moment of discovery on video, so check it out! They do this dance and everyone in the audience goes along like it's the macarena or something... It was so great!!

Also, you may have noticed I'm switching to Flickr. Don't have time right now, but as you can see it's MUCH better. I might even go "pro". I'll probably spend the majority of tomorrow switching over all my photos, setting up my profile, tags, and sets. It's going to be great. Also, this is my last weekend before maresa comes!! So, i'll be forced to finally thoroughly clean my apartment and it's a good excuse to give KAT all of her CRAP back that she left in my apartment!!! Are you reading this kat? You're getting your 3 bags of garbage, box of toys, and 15 fans back.

-D out

Friday, March 03, 2006

danimal519: i had the most severe okonomiyaki craving i've had yet, went to okonomiyaki, and DIDNT order okonomiyaki on accident
jmrenonv: what are you talking about???!
danimal519: instead i got some chicken and rice and misu soup and potato salad, which was all good, but i had to sit there and eat it while i watched everyone else in the restaurant eat okonomiyaki
danimal519: i was about to stab myself with my chopsticks