Thursday, July 31, 2008

oh-eight unfolds

I've been sort of re-locating my life. Not that I've been too "busy" to blog, but I sort of felt that now that I live back in Reno, there is no point to my blogging. This didn't really require any rationalization for me, but as I've gotten a little depressed , I had to give this some second thoughts. So, while you might not need "updates" on my life any longer, I shouldn't bump my life into a lower tier just because it's being lived in a different continent than before. Also, that's pretty vain of me to think I was only blogging because I had a group of fans or something that wanted to know what I was doing. So, instead, I am going to blog for myself. Yes, I will renew the celebration and chronicling of my life, a testament to its worthiness of being lived.

Here's what has particularly inspired my blog, besides being bored at my cubicle;
Man decapitates passenger aboard Greyhound bus in Manitoba
Whoah! what's going on here? I remember, around the turn of the year, discussing that 08 was going to be a year "of big things". Important things, epic events, change. And not just Barack Obama-style change, but I feel like the stagnation of this country is catching up, and something is going to fall off. How long can the rest of the world go up in flames while we shop at Wal-Mart? How long can we be distracted by front news covers of petty crime stories and celebrity news, while our own disastrous war reports are buried on page12 next to the pet classifieds?? I dunno exactly, but I think you have a gist of what I mean. But either ways, 2008 seemed to be rolling in with powerful force, and my new years was the herald my prediction.

I'm not making a political point here, but I'm being proven correct-- once the gas prices soar and the economy shrivels, things start getting a little more acute, don't they? There are these "issues" all of a sudden. Things are evolving on a world scale, coming to a head, and we have these bizarre crimes developing in the shadows.
Back to the bus decapitation story.
"While we were watching the door, he calmly walks up to the front with the head in his hand and the knife and just calmly stares at us and drops the head right in front of us.[...] There was no rage in him. He wasn't swearing or cursing or anything. It was just like he was a robot[...] "

cue office e-mail conversation
cameron: Sounds a hell of a lot like the work of a nightbane to me… probably one of the dudes who stole a piece of Stonehenge recently…

me: Hah!! Someone stole a piece of Stonehenge? Dude, you think we have like an epic scenario playing out here? While Obama struggles to come to power to bring justice to the world, other darker and ultimately more important wars of power are happening unknown? Do you think the dude who got decapitated was unknowingly King Arthur’s last direct descendent??

cameron: Or possibly the GRAND DAUGHTER OF CHRIST or Dracula? I dunno man, sounds a hell of a lot like a movie/graphic novel to me.

me: right, what I’m pretty sure is happening is the Omega cult is making a sudden return. Generally they take a century or two to surface; the introduction of Christianity, the barbarian sacking of rome (very successful, as the dark ages lasted hundreds of years), the Inquisition, civil war, assassinations of the 60’s/9-11. But due to the global spreading of “hope” and “unity” they are forced to re-surface faster than they’d planned on? Drastic measures~ after the invasion of iraq and the code of Hammurabi stolen, along with the piece of stone henge and the head of last of the line of Alpha - heir of Alexander/Arthur/Abe Lincoln they can finally open the portal to the end of the universe?

And what about this?
NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell says alien Earth visits covered up
I mean, it might not just be a year of big things, but astronomical; are we not just coming to a head, but a horizon? Are our silent interstellar watchers going to finally pass judgement on our volitile, ambitious, race?

How sad that during this "important" year, I'm daydreaming about this shit in my cubicle, facing the reality that because his tax cuts will benefit the billionaire owners of cable television, the most likely next president will be the guy giving the press conference in the cheese isle, not the guy giving one simultaneously in the Temple of Hercules across the ocean. The audience of two in front of Schmidt's Sausage Haus, rather than two hundred thousand in Berlin. Sure, the epic 2008 I predicted might be happening, but it's being covered instead by pundits' slander regarding lapel pins, a presidential candidate looking too "presidential" to be president, political ads featuring Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.
The, perhaps fortunate but ulimately more depressing, reality that it wasn't an ancient eternal cult of villians, working for a higher power, who stole the code of hammurabi, but some looters who ran rampant because:
"The Iraq Museum in Baghdad was number two on a list including the Ministries of the Interior, Defense, and Foreign Affairs. The first institution on the list was the Iraqi Central Bank, which was likewise not protected. Only the last institution on the list was protected--the Ministry of Oil."

I'm actually feeling sort of jealous for conspiracy theory nuts for once ~ at least they must be on the edge of their seats. I moved back to Reno hoping to get "involved", somehow reap full rewards of my citizenship which i felt was so dearly missed, but I'm in probably the dullest moments of my life since high-school. What can I do? i've got the ol' office job, and I'm trying like hell to make things happen, well, hitting the bar every night after work anyways hoping to make "contacts". Any ideas, anyone?