Tuesday, April 01, 2008

in limbo

I thought I lived in the countryside, but I'm at Alex's house now (he's a JET) and he lives out in the middle of NOWHERE. Perched up on this hill, this tiny city was an hour and a half bus ride out from fukuyama. And it's still freezing here.
It took me some 20 garbage bags full of stuff thrown out to move out of my apartment, i mentioned some of this earlier, but they just kept coming! I got everything mailed home, and that cost about 550 dollars. So, after all of that, I am SO GLAD to be gone. I sat around in my empty apartment for a bit, thinking if there was something I had to do, and when I couldn't think of anything I walked out, locked the door and dropped the key in the mail slot. And I guess that's it? I guess I wasn't necessarily looking for some sort of closure, but... I feel like someone's going to find some excuse to charge me money or something like that.

Now I just have my backpack, my sanshin strapped to it, and my skateboard, and I feel pretty freaking cool.

I have today and tomorrow to kill, then friday i need to be in hiroshima to meet mikey. But what am I going to do? I sort ot of want to split this tiny town and see something more... seeable, but, I don't have anything in mind. I don't have anything to write, either. Welcome to my life. (which, right now, is awesome.)