Tuesday, August 08, 2006

in 5!....4!....3!.... ___.....____.....

in 5!....4!....3!.... ___.....____.....
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it looks like I was really part of the action, huh?
Nah i was just lurking.
I spent a long time out that day, august 6th. I walked around and around that dome/park for a few hours, and i got to feeling pretty lonely. It's odd, i rarely feel lonely here (one of the few times was mentioned a couple blogs ago i believe), but i definately spend a lot of time with my own thoughts here. No matter how much time i spend around other people. The nature of the day, also, added to these feelings.
It was a sad day, but a really beautiful one-- and those two overtones really make you wish for some company.

I have noticed this want i have lately, and it's not as much of a "want" as a "need" -- i have this unquenchable want for anonymity. I will go to a bar, and truly enjoy it, but if i meet the people who work or own it, i just can't bring myself to go back. Like I feel that if i befriend them, then i OWE them my return service, on a fairly regular basis. I don't feel like they expect this from me, but i feel like I owe it.
And i can't stand it, it feels like shackles.
I'm realizing i feel this way not with just bar/restaurant owners, but every person that i meet -- when it comes down to it, i don't see how a relationship is ever possible with that attitude.
I go out, almost every day, because i want to meet people-- but then once they become an acquaintance, i am sort of afraid of running into them again because i will owe them some conversation, and what if i'm not in the mood?

I'm a rock, I'm a mountain, but I think I'm a silly one.
The moral of the story is that I'm getting pretty sweet on Yukie, although I can think of about a thousand reasons not to be.

I put up a lot of photos, of the 6th and the day there-after when i went to takehara with jess. It was an adorable little town, I could just eat it up i'm freakin serious. Or drink it up, there was a sake factory there after all.

p.s. i owe everyone an apology. Either you can't read japanese, so my japanese posts are stupid. Or you CAN read japanese, in which case they are a whole hell of a lot stupider. That is, to say, if you can make heads or tails of what i'm trying to say. Either way just let me have my practice~

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


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毎日ブローグするよていです。ほんとだ。 今日の日本語のクラスに先生はおすすめしましたけど、むすかしいよ!
あの写真はえと島から。ゆきえのいっしょに行った。あの写真をおしたらゆきえの水着を見えますよ。 ;)

I'm going to blog every day. Seriously. (I'll try. ). This morning my japanese teacher recommended it, but it's so hard! (of course it'll always be in japanese, and maybe here i'll put a translation. So my blog will always be stupid like this one will be)
This week work sucks. It's stressing me out. It's always stressful, but now we have summer seminars so it's even more stressful. I hate it!
Today it rained so hard! (it flooded!)
That picture is from etojima, i went to the beach with yukie (and her friend, and her friend's daugher and dad, and her sister, and her sister's daughter. )
If you click that picture, you can see yukie (and unfortunately, me) in a swimsuit. ;)
Okay I'm off!
Dan sensei